Turkish Cooling Towers Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish cooling towers, Turkey cooling towers manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality cooling towers from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

IMBAT SOGUTMA ISITMA LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s industrial cooling systems, chiller groups, cold storage units, deepfreeze units, blast freezers, polyurethane panel insulations, cold storage doors, rippening rooms, forced air coolers, dry coolers, cooling towers, air handling units, ventilating units, industrial cooling systems
s acrylic polymer plants, alkyd facilities, blenders, cartridge tube filters, coloring units, cooling towers, disperse, filling units, heat exchangers, hot oil boilers, mixer product storage tanks, mixers, package type treatment plants, paint facilities, polyester plants, raw material storage tanks, reactors, vacuum units, varnish facilities
s chillers, heat pumps, cooling towers, air handling units, fancoils, computer room air conditionings, dehumidifications, smoke curtains, natural ventilation systems, evaporative coolers, cooling systems, coolers, natural lightings, lighting systems, farm cooling systems, greenhouse cooling systems, greenhouse heating systems, heating systems, eliminators, industrial drift eliminators, humidifiers, fans, light filters, heat exchangers, mist eliminators, chiller, heat pump, cooling tower, heat exchanger, cooler, air handling unit, lighting system, heating system, fan, humidifier, greenhouse heating system, cooling system, greenhouse cooling system, fancoil, smoke curtain, evaporative cooler, computer room air conditioning, dehumidification, natural ventilation system, natural lighting, farm cooling system, eliminator, industrial drift eliminator, light filter, mist eliminator
06 SOGUTMA KLIMA SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s coolers, cooling systems, water coolers, water cooling towers, cooling towers, milk cooling machine, thermo cooling convector
ME-KOL MEKANIK YAPI LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Elif KOLCU    
s scrap cart cover, scrap cart covers, ark furnace panel, ark furnace panels, rolling plants, steel plants, steel construction, steel constructions, dust collecting plants, oxygen plants, rolling plant heating furnaces, heating furnaces, rolling plant, steel plant, dust collecting plant, oxygen plant, rolling plant heating furnace, heating furnace, plant pipelines, induction furnaces, dust collecting units, cooling towers, pressure vessels, pressure pipelines, carbon dioxide pipelines, pressure vessel, induction furnace, cooling tower, oxygen plant, retaining walls, cooling water pipelines, hydraulic pipelines, steel mill plant pipelines, rolling plant pipelines, furnace pipelines, rolling plant steel constructions, warehouse steel constructions, stock hallway steel constructions, air pipes, gas channels, vacuum unit pipelines, rolling plant machinery equipments, steel construction anchors, storehouse steel constructions, natural gas power plant pipelines, plant pipeline, dust collecting unit, pressure pipeline, carbon dioxide pipeline, cooling water pipeline, hydraulic pipeline, steel mill plant pipeline, rolling plant pipeline, furnace pipeline, rolling plant steel construction, warehouse steel construction, retaining wall, stock hallway steel construction, air pipe, gas channel, vacuum unit pipeline, rolling plant machinery equipment, steel construction anchor, storehouse steel construction, natural gas power plant pipeline
s water cooling towers, pumping stations, auxiliary units, condensers, heat exchangers, closed loop water, cooling towers, steam and gas turbine units, electrical, mechanical, automation, software, engineering
TORRAVAL COOLING        İspanya     fernando riaño    
s cooling towers, evaporative condensers, cooling tower, evaporative condenser
TORRAVAL COOLING        İspanya     María Arenaza    
s cooling, cooling towers
STARGAZ ISI SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     Nevzat Bora ŞAF    
s crude oil refineries, oil refineries, waste oil recycling facilities, vegetable oil facilities, sun flower oil facilities, steam boilers, pressure vessels, pipe bending, bending pipe, distillation systems, oil refinery systems, petroleum refinery systems, steam generators, gas burners, heating systems, recycling systems, asphalt plants, bitumen plants, biodiesel plants, hot oil boiler, refinery, boiler, distillation, asphalt emulsion, bitumen pump, hot oil pump, bow, serpentine twist, tanks, storage tanks, cooling towers, pressure vessel, oil storage tanks, pressure tanks, boilers, heating system, steam boiler, steam generator, reactors, storage tank, thin film evaporators, reactor, rubber frame, heat industry products, heat centers, hot oil heating systems, asphalt mixing plants, emissions asphalt melters, bilge oil recycling systems, bilge oil sorting systems, solvent recovery facilities, tyre recovery systems, biodiesel production systems, asphalt oxidation systems, refineries, continue systems, crude oil distillation systems, fuel oil distillation systems, oil plants, waste oil recycling systems, mechanical systems, plastic pipe installations, penstock pipe mounting, steel pipe lines, serpentine, bombe, conical, fluid fuel steam boilers, thermal oil boilers, solid fuel steam boilers, fluid fuel thermal oil boilers, gas fuel thermal oil boilers, solid fuel thermal oil boilers, stock tanks, condensors, heat industry product, distillation system, oil refinery system, heat center, hot oil heating system, recycling system, asphalt plant, biodiesel plant, asphalt mixing plant, emissions asphalt melter, batch system, continue system, fuel oil distillation system, thin film evaporator, lube oil filling plant, fluid fuel steam boiler, gas fuel steam boiler, used oil recycling system, hot oil pumps, oil storage tank, crude oil distillation system, waste oil recycling system, steel pipe line, asphalt emulsions, bitumen pumps, bows
ERACO        Türkiye     BURAK ERALP    
s cooling systems, chillers, chiller units, air cooled chiller, water cooled chiller, dry coolers, wet coolers, hydraulic water cooling equipments, water cooling equipments, water cooling systems, cooling towers, compact chiller, extruder film inflation coolers, adiabatic coolers, hybrid cooling systems, temperature controler units, water cooled chiller, air cooled chiller
ERGUL KOMPRESOR SOGUTMA        Türkiye         
s air compressor, air compressors, air cooled chiller, air dryers, air tanks, chiller units, chillers, compact chiller, cooling system, cooling systems, cooling towers, hybrid cooling systems, hydraulic water cooling equipments, piston compressors, screw compressors, water cooled chiller, water cooling equipments, water cooling systems, water cooled chiller, air cooled chiller
EMC MAKINA        Türkiye         
s combined cycle power plants, cooling towers, dust filter unit, fire systems, fuel hydrant systems, heat recovery steam generator furnaces, hrsg furnaces, petrol station, piping systems, pressurized containers, steel constructions, storage tanks
UTKU ENDUSTRI INSAAT TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s cooling towers, generator, hydroelectric power plants, industrial plants, iron mills, power plant, power plant construction, power plant generators, power plant installations, power plants, steel mills, thermal power plant construction, thermal power plants, turbine, waste water facility, waste water treatment system
KAT-SAN OTO RADYATOR SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Harun ÇAVDAR    
s radiators, auto radiators, automotive radiators, industrial radiators, heat exchangers, cat machinery radiators, caterpillar radiators, massey ferguson radiators, fiat radiators, folded cores, imrm radiators, amocs radiators, massey ferguson tractor radiators, fiat tractor radiators, machinery radiators, industrial cooling systems, heat transfer systems, water capacitors, heat recovery systems, cooling towers, cooling, spare parts
s air conditioning systems, chiller units, cooling towers, heat pumps, ice machines
s fancoil units, air handling units, swimming pool air handling units, unit heaters, kitchen cell fans, cooling towers
PAHARPUR SPX DRY SOGUTMA TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s cooling towers, cooling solutions, wet cooling, comfort cooling, electric generation, large industrial applications, dry cooling, air-cooled steam condensers, air cooled heat exchangers